Who we are

In ITZÚ-KT we have always been passionate about the great taste, versatility and nutritional value of Mexican Hass avocados. This is why in 2014 we started the project to produce this amazing fruit in the central state of Morelos, where a high quality avocado is produced due its excelent geographic and weather conditions.


Based on our experience in avocado production, in 2018 we started the commercialization process of fresh avocado and some derivatives such as avocado pulp and guacamole, everything produced and packed in Mexico with very high quality standards.
Our main objectives are to let consumers in Mexico and abroad to taste and enjoy the great quality of our fruit and to support efficiency and benefits for the key players of the industry (producers, gathering centers, retailers and consumers)


To boost in Mexico and internationally the great taste, versatility, nutritional value and high quality of Mexican Hass avocados, while fully complying with required standards and norms in our productive and commercializing processes.


To become the leading company in the state of Morelos on production, promotion and trading Hass avocados and its derivatives.


Integrity, Commitment and Respect for people

What do we do

Produce, promote and commercialize high quality avocados and derivatives such as frozen pulp and guacamole.

Our brand

ITZÚ intends to become a benchmark for avocado quality and taste, supported on a Mayan name and a clear Mexican image, which can be easily recognized.


Our portfolio design is based on trying to provide the best possible experience at enjoying the taste and uses of avocado.
The 3 products in our regular portfolio are:

1) Fresh Avocados

Our fresh avocados are produced mainly in the central state of Morelos which combines conditions on weather, soil and height, resulting on very high quality fruits.


In Morelos we have the proper infrastructure to select, pack and maintain our avocados under the right conditions. Gathering centers own cold chambers which ensure the produce is kept always on a well controlled cold chain.



Growth %

Producing Municipalities

Processed derivatives

Our derivatives (manufactured with HPP technology) have some relevant benefits and advantages compared to fresh fruits. We believe these are the best options to have the real taste and experience of our avocados while reducing risks and costs. Main benefits are:


✔1 kg = 1 kg of pulp .- No waste
✔Transportation cost maximized (no waste tranported)
✔Longer period for consumption and tranport.
✔Taste minimally affected.
✔Rotting risks during chain are reduced.
✔Reduced working time in preparing dishes (Food service)

2) 100% Avocado Pulp

*Different specifications on product or Brand con be made

100% Avocado Pulp (HPP)

Processed at high vacuum

• Plastic Bag for 200 g, 500 g, 1 Kgs y 2Kg

No preservatives, no colorants

Due date:
• up to 1 yr frozen
• 40 days refrigerated

Quality certifications: Global Markets

3) Mild Guacamole

*Different specifications on product (such as spicy guacamole) or Brand con be made

HPP Guacamole (Mild taste)

Processed at high vaccum

• Plastic Bag for 200 g, 500 g, 1 Kgs y 2Kgs

No preservatives, no colorants

Due date:
• up to 1 yr frozen
• 40 days refrigerated

Quality certifications: Global Markets

The avocado industry in Morelos will continue to strengthen


Our Company is located in Cuernavaca, Morelos México
Tel. – +52 777 202 91 58
+52 777 202 52 57
Mobile 1 – +52 777 161 21 22

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Cuernavaca, Morelos, México